Advocates Behaving Badly: Part 2

Just as before, last time I exposed a less-than-trustworthy “advocate”, this time following the publication of part one of this series, some folks have come forward with information regarding the person of interest. In this case, we’re talking about Debra Brink.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the first part

I tried to do a brief synopsis but there is no way to do that succinctly, so please just read part one if you haven’t already.

Now, for what came next:



You will notice that she said that was the first step. The second second step was to have her committed. Well, this past week, Debra Brink tried that since calling the cops failed to work. APS called Melissa and told her that someone had reported Melissa for needing 24/7 care and needed to be in a facility. That did not work. At the same time, IHSS had been notified that Melissa’s current caregiver was doing things above and beyond what a caregiver is paid to do by IHSS (the organization in California that screens and pays for personal caregivers for the disabled). Also in the complaint is that Melissa is often taken advantage of and that is another reason she needed to be placed in a facility so that someone else can manage her money.

Since Debra Brink does not know this, PCAs are allowed to do extra tasks, on their non-IHSS hours, for their clients as “private pay.” That is not against their policy. So, Melissa and her caretaker were not doing anything wrong.

As you can see, Debra Brink followed up on her threats. That is so sad. That is so not what an advocate would be involved in. Why did she do this to Melissa? Because Melissa posted HER perceptions about Debra Brink and how Debra Brink’s involvement in HER life impacted Melissa. Melissa had every right to do so. If Debra Brink did not like what was being said about her, she should not have acted the way she did!

So, who is Debra Brink? As I mentioned above, there were folks coming out of the wood work to tell me. One person helped me with a bit of research on Debra Brink and said, “Did you find her radio interview? She sounds like a flake. No blame can be assigned on your parts for this… the radio interview might have caused you to tell Debra thanks but no thanks.”

Indeed, in many of her radio interviews, she goes on and on and on and on and talks over the hosts of the various shows. She cuts them off, she interrupts them and talks over them. It is PAINFUL to listen to her talk for me. However, I began to dig into her “public” life. I compared her claims on Facebook, to us in the group, her claims in radio shows, interviews, and the like. If we go on her word, she has been an advocate for twenty years. She began to do this work after she no longer worked for a living as a way to spend her time. She wanted to volunteer and the church work she was doing just wasn’t cutting it. She had more time on her hands once her kids began school. She claimed at one point to not know much about autism and being willing to learn. She said that she had a friend whose child was diagnosed and through that child knew SOMETHING about autism but not much. She later claimed to have two decades worth of experience advocating for both missing persons and those with autism. She claimed she dealt with “messy cases” and Melissa would be considered “messy”. I’m not sure how that would equate as she usually referred to child abductions by pedophiles as “messy cases” as well.

She also has claimed that when she graduated high school, she had college “training”. She did not need to then go on to college. She was “self taught” in all areas she needed to know. She spent time working at the company who made the 20-mule Borax, eventually “running the whole east coast”. She claimed experience working for a private ambulance company, insurance companies, law firms, and other administrative jobs. Six days before the birth of her first child, she decided that since she couldn’t commute anymore, she’d open her own business. What that business was/is, is not clear but it involved getting her own server, news website, and co-hosting radio shows. However, she was “too busy as an advocate” to make a success of it.

In a radio interview, she mentioned that her co-host was ill (in fact, he had been committed to a mental hospital) and she was “striking out on her own”. She had a website up and going but it was “still under construction”. At the time that part one of this series was published, that website was still “under construction”


Her co-host was Brian Ladd. According to his website, he was committed and diagnosed with multiple mental disorders which manifested in such a way that he had trouble discerning reality from his dreams and news reports. He had become so involved with the missing persons community and stories, that he suffered from a psychotic break. Say what you will about whether or not the man is psychic as he claims to be, that is not the point. Brian Ladd was involved with a missing person’s case involving another psychic, Ms. St. John, Debra also became involved as his “case admin” and co-host. She decided she would “put boots on the ground” and join in on that search “for the first time” and not doing what she usually does, as she put it: “running my mouth and pounding the keyboard.”

An insider of that search came to me via message on Facebook in the past month to tell me that when Debra Brink showed up to that search? She seemed drunk to the insider. The insider then went on to say that “She made websites for missing persons and refused to let family members have access and read any emails/tips that came in.” I’m not sure why Debra Brink would refuse to let the family members have the tips that came in. You would think she’d pass that information on to the family so they can give it to law enforcement. Perhaps, she was making up the fact she was getting tips at all. I do not know, of course. Perhaps she had a valid reason. I just can’t seem to think of one.

This insider also said that another searcher had been harassed by Debra Brink and consulted an attorney because of the way Debra Brink reacted. I do not know the cause that made Debra Brink upset as that was not shared with me. But this insider said that Debra Brink was “still up to old tricks” in reference to the harassment she read about on my first blog post.

Melissa has felt terrorized during this whole time. On April 22nd, when APS contacted Melissa Fields about the report on her being unable to live on her own, Melissa was very scared she was going to be committed. You might think that’s not a real fear to be worried about. However, in one of her interviews, Debra Brink relays a horrific story about a young lady who had swallowed some advil in a “suicide attempt.” This young lady was an adult. Debra Brink and one of her daughters took this young lady to the ER. Debra Brink did not like that they were not going to admit the young lady and in Debra’s words, “trumped the Network 180 lady”. Network 180 was an organization used by the staff at the ER for those with mental health issues. Debra appeared to relish in the telling of this story. It was long, drawn out and the host tried to cut her off at one point but Debra insisted on finishing this story. It took almost 45 minutes to tell the whole of it, including commercial breaks.

You can listen to the interview for yourself here: Vinny Eastwood shows

(scroll down to Jan 25th or use find function and type “Debra Brink” on above page.)

Vinny Eastwood is sponsered by Guerilla News Network.

So, Melissa heard first hand Debra Brink claiming power to get someone committed, even someone a physician and a mental health professional, did not feel was necessary to have committed. Was it necessary? I’m not sure. The young lady was an adult and should have been able to make that decision for herself, or by her physician and NOT have it made by Debra Brink, who admits to not having any medical degree.

So, here Debra Brink is, trying everything she can, though long-distance, to try and do the same to Melissa Fields. How is that advocating? I’d say that is advocates-behaving-badly!

Image of hack attempt

As you can see, we normally log in from “Fort Smith, AR” as we are close to that city. We are not actually IN that city but that is the closest big city Google recognizes.

Earlier this afternoon, after hearing/reading what Member B had to say about erasing my blogs, I became determined that I would NOT back down in this. I have done NOTHING wrong and that if Debra Brink did not like what was written here, she should have ought not done the things she had done. I went to Youtube to select a few videos (to share publicly on Facebook about not backing down) when I got a notice from Google that someone had tried to log-in and was prevented from doing so.

The person, according to my ISP (Internet Service Provider) customer service, was tracked back to someone on a mobile device who “pinged” on two towers, one in Grandville, MI and one in Grand Rapids, MI. Isn’t it strange? Now, neither is Grandville or Grand Rapids Debra Brink’s current residence. However, they are the biggest cities near hers.

What’s worse? My SON’S Youtube was the one that s/he had tried to hack. Not mine… my son’s. I am not sure how s/he got his account name. I do not have proof this was Debra Brink, at the moment I am writing this, just the preponderance of evidence. This is all I need in a civil court. At present, I plan on going Monday morning to my police department and filing a report about this as well. The police can go further than my ISP could with the tracking, according to my ISP.

For those who are currently unaware, my son, T, has mental health issues. He is diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder, autism spectrum disorder-level 1 (which may change to social pragmatic disorder in the near future). He is also diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychotic features. That means he has mood swings and sees/hears things (when he is depressed, usually) that are not there. He loses touch with reality. I do fear what she will try and do to my son and this is a real fear. I plan on filing a protection order, if necessary and if it is proven to be her that tried to hack my son’s account. I find it awfully suspicious that the person who tried to hack his account (the one logged in at the time) did so from the same general location that Debra Brink resides in. Very suspicious, indeed. And if my suspicions are proved correct, nothing will stop me from protecting my sons and myself from her. However, I will not back down. My son has stated he knows no one else online or offline from that area. I am not aware of anyone else that I know of that resides in that general location, either. Certainly, no one with a motive to try and hack into an account. Remember how much Debra Brink loved to brag about her computer skills!

Remember my mention of Brian Ladd? Well, Debra Brink has also been accused of being the reason he had his mental break down in 2008 or 2009.  He was doing daily shows/predicitions on these missing person cases (and yes, some were “messy”). He wanted to slow down and only do a once a week show, according to this source. Debra Brink, a person alleges, told Brian that he could not do that. He HAD to continue with the daily shows. That was how they would get to be “viral”. The person alleges it was that constant bombardment from Debra Brink that led to Brian’s breakdown. After seeing how she has treated Melissa Fields, I can believe it! I do not know if Debra Brink really had any influence on Mr. Ladd’s mental state and I have not contacted Brian Ladd for any comment directly. This person also alleges that Debra Brink stated, when told of Mr. Ladd’s deteriorating state of mind, “There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s just faking.” She was very callous sounding, it was alleged. This person, when asked for proof of this conversation, did not put any forth. She stated that she did not save that conversation. She said she’d have someone else get in touch with me, if she could get that person to do so. However, that person, at the time of this writing, has not done so. I have not pressed the issue as it was told to me that this person is so terrified of Debra Brink, she had to get a protective order against her. Again, I have not seen a protective order myself. I am just stating what I was told.

Brian Ladd makes no mention of Debra Brink as the reason he collapsed, in the video, on his “about me” page of his site (linked above). He said he was diagnosed as “schizophrenic”. He does not believe this to be true as it was not onset in his 20s. He felt he “over did it”. He closed the portions of missing persons cases, etc. as of 2012. It appears he may be back at trying his hand at missing persons again. He fought his way back from this collapse. I am happy to hear that for his sake.

Just for the sake of education, it is not only someone in their 20s who can become schizophrenic. It is rare for anyone under the age of 10 (although there is a famous girl named January who has been diagnosed as such who was under the age of 10 at diagnosis). You can get more information at this website (http://www.schizophrenia.com/szfacts.htm#). For instance, it is more common for women to have an onset of schizophrenia to start in their 30s.

So, after doing this research and getting people coming forward about their experiences with Debra Brink, Melissa Fields is feeling terrorized, terrified, and still is not going to back down from exercising her first amendment rights. Neither am I.

I wanted this blog post to focus on “warning signs” and “red flags” when searching out advocates. However, it has been taken up by all this new information on Debra Brink. I will just, instead, leave you with a link to an article I wrote several years ago, after I had dealt with an “advocate” who acted much in the same vein as Debra Brink did. So much so, that their typing styles were even the same! (insert link for article on MR’s continued harassment). No wonder she bothered me so much from the beginning. She acted just like him. I do hope this is the last blog post I have to write about Debra Brink. I hope she realizes that she cannot bully me into silence.

You see, Member B relayed Debra Brink’s message: She will not stop until I take down my blog about her. She needs to realize that **I** will not stop until SHE stops her harassment. Because if she stops her harassment, I will have nothing to write about!

And starting from now on, I will use InstantCheckMate.com for background checks of anymore advocates!

LINK ON LAY PERSON ADVOCATES: http://www.examiner.com/article/lay-person-advocates-can-be-a-huge-help-to-parents

Transcript of an interview I gave and where some red flags were mentioned: http://transcribery.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/interview-w-heather-sedlock-of-advocates-against-fraud-in-advocacy/

(Should have remembered this)


9 Responses to “Advocates Behaving Badly: Part 2”

  1. May 11, 2014 at 10:23 am

    I just read part 1 and this. The behavior you describe from Debra Brink is shocking: controlling, threatening, abusive and bullying. The only comfort is that Melissa has you to help and support her. I hope you can resolve this successfully; nobody deserves to be put through this kind of harassment. Love and hugs to you and especially Melissa.

  2. May 11, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    We should report this to the AAFA and have them… oh, wait… I remember now!

    Love ya!

  3. May 11, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    Thank you, Heather, for writing this excellent sequel to part one, and for being my friend!! 🙂 All i can say is that this experience with Debra has made me stronger, and if someone else comes along wanting to “swoop me up and save me”, i won’t be so ready and willing to trust them right off the bat!! And if Debra is reading this, i hope she knows that she did a very wrong thing by befriending me, getting me to trust her, getting me to confide in her, and then dropping me like a piece of trash the way she did once she saw i was doing good with having a nice new caregiver who truly cares about me and my well-being. She had better not try to hack into my accounts, because i too, will go to my police. I am very good at screenshots, and i have a direct email line to one of the police commanders there, where i will send all screenshots, if she pursues this route with me. It was the lowest of lows that she did this to a 15 year old boy who has special needs, and then to threaten me who also has special needs, is also the lowest of lows. No decent human being does these kinds of things to another human being, especially when they are fully aware of their plight….they want to add to that person’s hardship and suffering?

    As she always used to tell me “I’m not stuck on stupid”? Well…..i am not either. I may of let my fears run away with me before, but she was not able to get me hauled away. My city police are onto her, as is IHSS and APS now. My mom has been fully warned about her now too.

    I am not alone anymore. I do have friends, and my friend base is growing. And i do have access to legal aid in my city and county. I also know about the ACLU and Disability Rights CA.

    • May 12, 2014 at 12:02 am

      I am glad to do it. She told someone if I truly cared about you I would delete these blogs. Truth is, I do care and love you. That is why I am helping you to feel empowered to stand up for your self.

      • May 12, 2014 at 1:48 am

        Thank you, my dear friend!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ And she said alot of things. One of which was that she holds everyone to a high moral standard, and does not tolerate those who have "no moral compass"—her words, exactly. Well, if she claims to have such a "high moral compass", then why on God's good green Earth, has she chosen to turn like such a cruel viper towards me? Those with a high moral compass, those who profess, as she does, to be a God-fearing church person who has the love of God in her heart, should know better than to pull what she has on me, you and your son, i would think. Does God approve of this kind of behavior? I. Don't. Think. So.

  4. June 6, 2014 at 2:04 am

    This seems like “Debate-stalking,” which is what trolls do when you disagree with you and harass you on your wall, follow you to sites, etc. The difference here is that it has crossed over into real life. It is NOT cool of her to do this, and I really don’t think either of you have ANY blame in this. There is really no way that you could have known that you had run into a “real-life stalk-debate” troll and, further, that she would attempt to wreck both of your lives. *hug*

  5. 9 downcastmysoul
    September 1, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    Debra was a psychopath. I’m surrounded by them and also have met them on the net. One “befriended” me via the net and destroyed my life online. This thing they do is sport to them. I’m a bit paranoid on the Net when someone wants to suddenly and intensely befriend me. I have watched your vlog, Melissa. I’m in a similar situation–living in a place I don’t like and not knowing how to get out. People who threaten or call cops for anything less than blatant crime are trouble–run.

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