What’s been happening….

Well, life has been extremely busy these past few weeks. I’ve been overwhelmed at times and feeling strong at others. I was put on new pain management medication that has made functioning quite awkward. I would get loopy or very tired and have no choice but to sleep. I would literally fall asleep at my computer! So, while it’s good I’m actually getting sleep, I can’t function like that (sleeping day and night) so I stopped taking one of them and it’s better. I still get tired but it’s not as bad as it was and the memory/concentration issue seems to be less as well. I am very sensitive to medication’s side effects and this is as usual. It makes it challenging trying to find a management system that works and yet allows me to function.

We have recently acquired roommates! They are a childless couple (unless you count their two dogs!). They help us with the children, housecleaning, cooking, etc. I guess the position is called “estate managers.” Live-in help had become a necessity for us as M-F didn’t work anymore– we still needed the help on Saturday and Sundays. We dont’ become magically non-disabled only on the weekends. LOL So, enough with the struggles!

They’re good people and fit us well because they have great sense of humors and are animal lovers, almost like us. They don’t hold  on to a bunch of animals like we do–but they care greatly about them.

Two puppies (Jack Russel’s) have decided to live under our house (they tore off the skirting). They were dumped off shortly before this winter storm early this week. I’ve called animal control and have gotten the usual run around. We don’t live within the city limits, so we have to call the County’s Sheriff’s office. They say they don’t have an animal control department and I need to call the city’s police’s animal control officer. I call the officer and he tells me to call the County Sheriff’s office and round and round that goes! If I pay $10 a dog, they’ll take them in when they have room (they never do). Sooo… not sure what to do. I don’t want to feed them because I want them to move on from us.. but I can’t watch them starve either. That’s cruel. So, do I feed them or don’t I feed them? They’re not going anywhere….

I’m going to be an editor for an online newsletter for the group Carers About the Disabled.  We’ll have articles and resource links there and it’s going to be on a WordPress blog as it’s the easiest way to get it to the people and the group does not earn any money to pay for its website, so can’t use that. So, all in all, it’s a great way to get information to the people and I’m excited about being involved!

T has had increased behavioral problems lately. I think it’s related to his going through puberty since age 8 and now he’s in that swing mode that normally wouldn’t be that big a deal but because he has a mood disorder in addition to Asperger’s,  it’s even worse than normal teenage thing.  It goes from annoying (such as mimicking everything I say and not because he’s an echo type persona, but snide) to throwing things in anger and swearing and cussing people out. It sucks. For him and for us. For him, he’s embarrassed after the moment has passed and he has told me he is disappointed in himself. He knows better but can’t seem to help himself either. It’s like he’s lost all of his coping skills suddenly. It’s really weird.

Facebook has been a strange trip down memory lane lately as well. I’ve found so many “old” friends. They’re not old as in age, but that I’ve known them from a long time ago. And seeing their faces on their profiles makes me think of those times. Some were good. Some not so good! LOL But it’s been great reminiscing about it all. What I found weird though is that after a few sentences, 20 years have been summed up LOL

That’s about it!


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