Lustful Thinking

I’ve been thinking lately of certain ‘sins’ that Christians break time and time again because they are human. Human beings are not perfect; only God is. It is believed by Christians that lustful thoughts are a sinful thing.

I wonder about that. See, there’s one commandment, Thou Shalt Not Steal, that has exceptions. For instance, if one is hungry, he or she can eat in a man’s field to squelch that hunger but he or she cannot take the food from the field in a container. There are many such exceptions to the commandments and many of them have been lost over the years.

There are many conflicts contained within the modern-day Bible to begin with. So we know we have to gut-check the beliefs that come from the Bible and our pastors, ministers, etc.

One of those things that I have to gut-check is the ban against lustful thinking. We know that the brain is our largest sexual organ. We have to be mentally turned on for our physical reactions to take place for the largest amount of pleasure. Why? This is for the purpose of reproduction. Evolutionistic theories and faith-based theories all say that the purpose of human kind is to “go forth and multiply.” Those who subscribe to evolutionary psychology will tell you all our behavior is rooted back to that purpose.

Okay, so God wants us to make babies. What’s a sure fire way to make sure that happens? Make it fun! If it feels good, people will want to do it. Sure, there’s a little pain for the woman the first time… just enough to keep her scared and not permitting of pre-marital sex as easily. Although that seems to have gone by the wayside in today’s world.

Part of the enjoyment of sex is the mental fantasies that take place during intimate moments and before those moments occur. It takes place while you’re at work and thinking about going home to your spouse. It takes place as you bathe in preparation for that night’s sleep. It takes place during many times throughout the day, sometimes in the most embarrassing of times!

These mental arousals have a purpose. To make us want to make babies. So, if it makes us want to make babies, and God wants us to make babies, why is it then sinful to think lustful thoughts?

Aha. I think I may have stumbled onto something here. Perhaps there is an exception to these lustful thoughts. Perhaps they are to only be about your spouse. After all, if you start fantasizing about other individuals, you risk alienation of affection and that can lead to adultery, which is against one of the Ten Commandments.

This is the slippery slope humans walk along. It doesn’t take much to fall and go tumbling downhill.

But we can pick ourselves back up; dust ourselves off. Pray for forgiveness and guidance and continue to live the best way we can.

After all the most important of all commandments is to 1) Love God and 2) Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. That is direct from Jesus’ mouth. It’s not to mean that all the otherszxgft don’t matter. It’s just that this two-pronged answer to the question “Which is the most important of Commandments” Jesus gave to us. As long as one continues to love God and love their neighbor, all else can and will be forgiven. That I truly believe.


2 Responses to “Lustful Thinking”

  1. August 14, 2012 at 3:08 am

    This was a great explanation and I agree with it completely. It is a hard trap, but just like everything, the Lord sets bounds and as long as we live within these bounds he will continue to bless you.

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