Okay now… Seriously??

I was informed just moments ago that there was some person going by the name of “Barry” who mentioned on a blog post that I was “relieved” of my Examiner.com position. So, I’m going to update y’all on that (even though I had mentioned this is a post before).

The reason I no longer write for Examiner.com is actually more than one reason. Examiner.com did NOT “relieve” me of this position. In fact, if I wanted to post an article right now, they’d be happy to have it.

Now, one of the reasons I stopped writing for Examiner.com is the same as the reason why I have stopped publishing articles for many publications (both online and offline). I am sick. I don’t feel good. I can’t promise to have a regularity that many of them require. One site I was writing for likes having 4-7 articles a day. So, rather than trying to keep up with them and make myself sicker (from lack of rest), I’m on hiatus from my paid writing gigs.

Secondly, I had another problem with writing for Examiner.com that was specific to that website. You see, their application process no longer appears to be what it was when I first signed up. They no longer appear to check credentials, references, and so on. Someone now can just go to that website, claim they are a doctor, and start writing and getting paid for it. While they do apparently do “background checks” still, they do not appear to check anything else at this time.

I was sold on a partnership of sorts with Examiner.com. I would be a freelancer, get paid for writing for Examiner.com. In addition to that, Examiner.com sold itself as a “reputable” news source. With this current application process (to reach their goal of 85,000, never mind that half of their current writers are no longer active), I no longer believe they are a “reputable” news source. If Sally can sign up and write as Sally, M.D. and began making all kinds of statements, whether true or not, and no one at Examiner.com is going to bother to check that Sally really *is* an M.D., I don’t think I want to write for them anymore.

I am not the only writer who wrote for Examiner.com and feels this way either. There’s a whole bunch of us. Complaints on their community board either go without comment, or the responses are simply meant to placate us and nothing gets changed.

And that was BEFORE the problems with the new Examiner.com web design. Ick. I’m sure it’s a great experience for users– but as writers, we have many problems with functionality of the various tools we need to produce a good looking piece of work.

Another issue that was brought to my attention is that I never “updated” anyone on my license status following the February incident where I had been arrested. My apologies.

It ended that night. I paid my fines and left the jail. There was no further court date. It was a traffic violation. I went to the DMV office I was told to go to with my paperwork from the police and got my license back in good standing (I was driven there).

The warrant was for “failure to appear” in a civil matter (the traffic violation). I stuck the ticket on my husband’s desk when I got home that day that I got the ticket. That’s when I learned that there was NO amount to pay written on that ticket. So how could I immediately gather up the funds to go pay it right away *if* I did not know HOW MUCH to pay?

So, I waited for their letter to TELL me how much to pay. I figured, since I wasn’t planning on fighting the ticket, perhaps they’ll MAIL me a letter stating the amount AFTER the court date (of Dec. 19, 2009). I didn’t get a notice about missing the court date until AFTER the time period they gave me (for paying the ticket after the court date) in the letter lapsed.

Okay, the letter informing me that I had “failed to appear” at the court, was dated 12/22/2009. The letter further stated that I had 15 days from the date of that letter to pay the associated fines (for the ticket and the failure to appear). If I failed to pay within those 15 days, my license will be suspended. There was NO mention of any warrant of any kind.

That is *all* the letter told me. NOT that it was suspended, but that it WILL be suspended. I never received a notice in the mail telling me my license was suspended or that I had a warrant. So, yeah, I knew that I might get pulled over for the headlight. I took a chance on that and lost. Didn’t know my tags were also expired at that time. As was my husband’s driver’s license, as it turns out, until that night. Yeah, i was wrong for driving on a suspended license, whether I knew it was suspended or not. Sue. Me.

The police didn’t care, of course, about any of it. If I wanted out of jail, I had to pay the fines. End. Of. Story.

Yes, perhaps I should have gone to the court house right away upon noticing the letter’s time frame had elapsed. Perhaps I should have called my DMV’s office and ask them if my license was suspended. After I got bailed out, I did notice on the paperwork the police gave me, the warrant was issued that same day the letter was sent to me: 12/22/2009. I also found out later, that my license had been suspended on 12/22/2009. So, even if I had gone THE VERY SAME DAY OF THE LETTER, it wouldn’t have mattered! I would have driven there myself, under the impression that my license was still good, and would have been arrested for driving on a suspended license because despite what that letter said, they never did give me my 15 days.

I was still wrong for missing that stop sign. I was still wrong for driving on a suspended license. I paid my fines. It is over with.

My husband’s license is current. He is allowed to drive as long as he takes his portable oxygen unit when out-of-doors, as cleared by his physician. Yes, this is a fairly recent change. Previously my husband was restricted from driving while a certain medical problem was clearing up. That is over with and the doctor is allowing him to drive now.

Another issue: Do I currently drive?

I did then continue to drive for these past months until I learned I was having seizures, in September of 2010.

I do not drive anymore. Unless a doctor tells me that I can drive, I don’t plan on driving. I’m not sure yet what is causing these seizures. I will be seeing my neurologist on the 14th. While I do have family members who have a history of epilepsy, I do not have such a history. There could be many causes for seizures, one of which is one form or another of epilepsy. There could also be a cause not related to epilepsy at all and if we solve that problem, the seizures will go away. Quite frankly, that is what I am hoping for.

However, the doctor’s office called with the results of my most recent MRI which was “normal.” That’s good news and all… but it rules out calcification on the brain and such that would cause the seizures. It’s an ongoing health problem for me and I am seeking treatment for it.

While I am glad to learn that there is concern for my general well-being out there, let me say that my blog does NOT detail my life, moment by moment. There will be time gaps and topic drops. That’s just a part of WHO I am. This blog only serves a mere glimpse into my personal life, as an individual.

I’ve always been this way. I intensely focus on a subject until I absorb all that I can from the experience, or study, or what have you, and then I move on and intensely focus on another subject. There *are* certain exceptions.

I intensely focus on my children. That will NEVER change. I intensely focus on my family, for instance. That will NEVER change. Special needs kids are an important topic to me, and THAT will never change. My husband is a focus for me, and THAT will never change. This list is not an exhaustive list but it certainly covers a lot.

Now the way I show my intense focus on family may differ. For instance, right now I’m focused on keeping in touch with them via Facebook. I don’t mean my kids. I mean extended family members. Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll be more intensely focused on using another platform for staying in touch but Facebook really seems to work for us all. I prefer text over phone calls and my family was not on Twitter.

I was intensely focused on using Twitter for quite some time. But as one can see, I haven’t been all THAT active on it lately because my focus shifted to Facebook.

Right now, my game (or escape) of choice is CafeWorld. In a week or two, when I get bored, I might focus on Market Street again or Mafia Wars. Who knows?

My point is this: Yes, I may drop topics on this blog. If I do that, feel free to leave a comment, send me an email or post on my REAL Facebook wall and let me know you want an update. I’ll be happy to share with you. I just can’t promise it WON’T happen again because I know what the truth of the matter is. That truth is it WILL likely happen again.


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