True, Necessary and Kind?

Okay, one of the “good” things I thought about recently was a blog post I read today or yesterday (okay, okay, the other day ago). There’s a saying by Buddha that basically says the whole if it’s not nice don’t say anything at all. But, it’s in a convenient checklist form. Is it True? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? If the answer is no, to any of the above, we should not say it. This blogger took it a step further and suggested we shouldn’t even think it.

Well. I’ve been thinking on the benefits that way of being could be. Of course, it’d take a LOT of practice to reach that goal of always making sure the three things are met before thinking something or saying something. But as I was thinking, I thought: “Um. I’d have nothing left to think.” See, It’s usually true and kind. That’s just how I am 89% of the time anyway (made-up statistic to show how much I don’t know about myself). But seriously, I know a lot of what I say may be true and kind, but is it necessary? No. I’d go so far as to say about 99% of what I say isn’t necessary.

A lot of what I say, I say to break silence. Silence is very awkward for me since I do most of my socializing online. It’s one thing to sit in comfortable silence in a room with someone. Perhaps they’re watching TV and I’m reading. Or we’re both doing our thing on the computer. Whatever. But it’s entirely weird to sit there in silence with someone in an IM or email, isn’t it?

And for the record, I swear I’m not obsessing on this guy. He’s just had some really good shit to say lately. 🙂


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