My apologies to those I referred to Examiner

I feel as though I was involved in duplicity. I said, “You’ll get about a penny a page view. The other writers are great and we all get along rather well.” Well, that’s still true about the writers but the “about a penny a page view” isn’t.

I didn’t start out writing for Examiner because of the pay. That wasn’t the primary reason then or now. However, earning 2/3rds of a penny is NOT the same as “about a penny.” It’s about 2/3rds of a penny. That rate has even been dropping down to .65 of a penny a page view as of late. One other writer said she earned .58 of a penny the other day. This is a symptom of a bigger problem. A lack of transparency is the bigger problem and it leads to mistrust. What type of relationship can one possibly have if there is not just the absence of trust but an active mistrust?

Yes, I realized that Examiner.com is still, on average, the highest paying website per view. But as they hire on more writers, the rate keeps dropping. They’re spreading their wealth and that’s great for them. Not so great for the writers. And for that reason, I feel responsible for “lying” to those I referred to Examiner. Of course I didn’t know ahead of time this was going to happen, but the writing was on the wall. I wish it was all about the money. But it’s for the Other Thing that is the biggest bee in my bonnet (figure of speech).

The Other Thing is the lack of appreciation I feel. I’ve had two moments during my career, related to Examiner, that were considered “success stories.” I reported it to my category director (whatever title they use these days) and used their “report a success story” tool. No “atta-girls” my way at all. No “Great to hear it, Heather!” I am a person big on praise and appreciation. I love it. I hate it when I do something and it seems no one notices. I think being nominated for a Casey Medal from the Journalism Center for Children and Families is a HUGE deal! Why don’t they?

I had asked to add my other column, Tulsa Autism Examiner, in December and it wasn’t until months later that they finally said “Just apply like normal and I’ll make sure it goes through.” Well, for one thing, I HAD done that already. And for two, I had to use another email address. This prevents me from easily switching columns to post a new article. I have three extra steps to go through now. It’s a little thing, but it adds to it all.

The next thing. They created a forum (that I do not like the format of) and promoted it as a place to go to get Examiner’s attention for issues. In this forum, someone was defending Examiner when we all didn’t get paid the other month ago and posted something. Jen Nestle is a person whose job it is is to be in that forum as a spokesperson from HQ. She’s to pass on relevant information to the necessary parties and to help us Examiners feel like we have a voice that is being heard by The Powers That Be. Well, this post was unflattering to Examiners and her reply (which has since been removed if I’m not mistaken) was to laugh and say something along the lines of “ha-ha, I know quite a few people who would enjoy this one! Ha-ha thanks!” and it offended a lot of us writers. It gave off the impression that everyone in HQ was laughing behind our backs at what dupes we were. Of course, when the ire was mentioned, Jen did apologize.

I understand that HQ has a lot of headaches from us writers, too. But without us Examiner wouldn’t be having the brisk business it does have. Some have said that we writers are fortunate to have Examiner. Well, true to a point. However, there are numerous avenues open to good, quality writers. Avenues that have editorial oversight, that has a great transparent pay scale, and has enough staff to handle the issues that pop up from time to time. Also, their pub tools don’t seem to have such difficulty as that which Examiner uses.

I had decided I’d wait until Examiner 2.0 rolled out. We’ve been promised better functionality with the pub tool and much more. I can’t stand it anymore. No one likes to be ignored and feel unappreciated. They obviously don’t respect my talent or the effort I put into the work I do. So, it’s time for me to find a place that does. Anyone know of a place?


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