Busy little beaver.

Things are finally coming together for me as far as my writing schedule goes. I’ve added a new place to write: Associated Content. I’ll send links via facebook and twitter as soon as I figure out how! But to add content was very easy. And they do upfront payments in addition to the pay-per-view incentives. Nice!

I have new two posts over at the EP that will be published there soon.

And a new one just went up at Special Mom Talk. Mandi and I decided it’s a good idea for that to be a forum for my “Dear Heather” letters. I am honored by the fact that many parents send me their parenting questions and, usually, I reply to them in private. However, some of them have said that I can publish them online and viola, a new column is born! I think the Special Mom Talk site is the perfect avenue for this because we are TALKING to and about special moms right? A Dear Heather column is a peek at a conversation I have with other moms. Perfect!

We Do Write blog did an interview with me and published it today. That was sooo awesome! I was so excited to see that up online. I always feel so… humbled… that people don’t mind interviewing me or even want to! It’s.. weird in a way. But also so exciting!

Examiner has me a bit concerned. Here I have been providing good, quality content for them and I didn’t get paid for March. I’m to be paid on April 20th for March’s earning and yet there is still no pay. There are thousands of Examiners this month who did not get paid versus the hundred or so that report a problem. Usually, the problem is that the person didn’t earn enough (have to reach a certain dollar amount to get paid, but it does cummulate month-to-month until you hit the $25 threshold). I earned that amount (and then some, suprisingly) and I deserve to be paid. It’s my biggest pay day to date and the proceeds are in part owed to another mom, Tina Obanion. I had written articles about her and promised proceeds of those articles to go to her son’s legal fund. And now, I don’t have that money to give and she very much needs it!

I always share links to my articles on facebook and twitter, so catch them there!

We have a new provider agency for our services and I have to say, what a difference! The office staff is so courteous and caring! The PCA (personal care attendant) is the one who does the cleaning, cooking, bill paying, and whatnot that Jerry and I cannot do. The person they gave us right out the gate, I can’t say enough good stuff about her! We had gone a week without services and dishes backed up, trash backed up… things became a mess quickly! It took me two days to clean my room… not because of the mess but lack of energy and the aches and pains associated with the doing. She came in like gang-busters and my house is clean again. Amen! I can focus on what I need to focus on: writing, school, my kids, my health… my sanity! She’s a wonderful woman. And here’s how you know… Tom told her, “I think you’re the best PCA we’ve ever had!” and that kid don’t compliment anyone unless they’re blond and skinny (he says that his preferred type of woman… we’re working on shallowness). And this woman is not young, or blond but she is skinny! She’s in her fifties and is so super sweet to us. I adore her! She’ll be my PCA starting on Tuesday when I get “admitted” to their program. Right now, she only has hours for Jerry.

Ah, I love it when life is going good!


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