Mish Mash I need a bubble bath.

I have been busy. Well, that much is obvious to anyone who know me. What’s kept me so busy?

Well, a lot of writing. I’ve written a piece at Special Mom Talk (not yet published there), new pieces at my Autisable blog, new pieces at the Empowering Parents online magazine for parents, an upcoming interview with Dorothy Dreyer for her We Do Write Blog, trying to keep up with this blog, a post for the two3five7 blog, AAFA investigations, school, kids, hubby, friends, me time… well, ya see? There’s a lot there. Not to mention maintaining friendships and relationships with family. Oh, and Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

Not to mention my health. I had a cat scan yesterday. It still bothers me that all they are doing is scanning for pictures of my cancer every three months. I’ll discuss the newest images with the doctor on next Wednesday. I hope they tell me they’re deciding to start treatment again. I do not look forward to the treatment of course, but anything besides just sitting around with this stuff in my chest.

Speaking of stuff in my chest… I have a chest cold as well. So I have not been operating at 100% and while I seem to be managing life okay and keeping up with things, I keep thinking there is something I am forgetting to do. I know it will come up and I’ll eventually figure it out but it bugs me nonetheless.

One downside to all this busyness is that I have lost the connection with my twush. Obviously, because we are both married, it wasn’t going to go anywhere anyway. But I do not speak to him on a daily basis anymore… I think a weekly basis might not even have been reached lately. He is in school now as well as working a new full time job and so it’s to be expected but I do miss that connection. I really do.

One thing that I haven’t been able to keep up on is my writing for my novel. Yes, I’m still writing it. I may have to sacrifice something soon to make more time for it as the ideas are coming so fast and  I have such a limited time to work on it. I’m not sure what is going to go on the back burner… will have to prioritize soon. But something is going to have to give.

And I feel a poem coming on.


4 Responses to “Mish Mash I need a bubble bath.”

  1. April 22, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    😮 Wow, congratulations on all that you are accomplishing #smilesandhugs

  2. April 22, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Get well soon (((((HUGS)))))

  3. April 22, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Here comes that busy http://6.ly/busy busy feelng again #GetWellSoon #smilesandhugs

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