Process this.

Well. What a week! I have not had motivation for posting much but that’s because I’m involved in a special report that is coming soon. And it’s sapping my energy beyond belief but I believe it will be well worth it. Especially if it has the hoped for outcome!!

But thankfully I had some articles for Examiner written in a made frenzy one late night (I wrote 12 articles that night this past weekend) so that I can post them daily in case I hadn’t made any progress on new stuff.  Good plan!

Wow. I gotta share this… while I was writing this post, I’m chatting with Mr. Twush. and well.. read this:

Twush:      I have a BIG problem.

Me: what’s that?

is it in your pants?
can I help with it?
Twush: As a matter of fact, it’s bigger. Much bigger.
Me: gonna tell me what it is?
Twush: I am in love with you.
Me: oh.
my heart just stopped
Twush: Uh oh
Me: it started again… really fast
i think i love you, too…
like in love
but i was ignoring that quite nicely lol
Twush: Me too
Me: Wow.
so it’s a big problem?
Twush: Yeah…wow.
Don’t you think it is?
Me: well.
it’s a complication.
Twush: 🙂
Me: it’s only a problem because we are both married to other people.
Twush: Yes I know.
Me: Yeah.
So are we gonna do a problem-solving thing here or are we just acknowledging it?
Twush: I don’t have a solution at present. Just thought you should know.
(Couldn’t hold it in any longer)
Me: well, as sharing goes… that was good for me 🙂
you did that just so I could post about it 🙂
Twush: LOL! Not really! I swear!
Yeah. So … um… yeah. My mouth got dry, m heart stopped and then started pounding… my stomach got butterflies.. my knees felt weak (thank goodness I was sitting down!!)… wow. Emotional overload.
Of course, I want to now analyze the CRAP outta this! Or as he put it “process it.” Yeah, process.

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