I have a name for it now. I like naming things. Labeling things. This way they become “understood” and “known” and therefore less scary.

I have spend the past few weeks living in Tweality. This is “twitter reality.” Yep. I have a twush and it’s causing some emotional issues for us both but we’re handling it. But… when we’re able to, we spend some time in tweality.

When in tweality, he is my twove. I am his tweetheart. I twove him and he twoves me. We will spend a twernity together forever and ever… twoving each other… holding hands… snuggling twogether… twalking and twalking…(talking and walking)…

He and I are chatting while I write this and we both wondered how long has it been that we’ve been twogether and twushing on one another…. Well… he started following me on Twitter on Jan 25th. 2010. I checked his bio on twitter to see if he was “follow” worthy. I read his blog posted there. I commented on a post. He emailed me a reply… and so it sort of began then.

But it wasn’t until Feb 1. that we started to really connect and mesh. So… 13 days of tweality.

ARE YOU JOKING? It’s ONLY been 13 days?!?

I feel like I have known this man for YEARS. Literally. We have some… “twigns” that have popped up confirming a connection between us and it just amazes me that the time isn’t nearly as long as I had thought. Even though it literally felt like I have known him for years, I had thought weeks or months had passed.

It hasn’t even been two weeks yet!! Twuly amazing.

As long as we keep this in tweality… there is no harm, no foul, right?? Right??

Yeah. Scary. Twisn’t it?


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