NOT the post I was going to write!!


That was fun.


Back in December, I was driving along after having picked my son, Thomas, up from school. We were travelling along and he was arguing with me over the radio station, which distracted me. I almost ran a stop sign. Well, technically I *did* run the stop sign. I *almost* hit a police car when I did so.
Yeah. I ran a stop sign, in front of a police car, turning out of the police station. Hey, I don’t do things half way 😉

So, she wrote up the ticket for that (and not for the expired license tags). She told me about the court date on the ticket, should I want to fight it, I could then. I said, “I’m not planning on fighting it. I know I did wrong. I need to make amends for that.” Plus, my kid was sitting right there. I had to live by example, right? Own up to mistakes and make amends.

She said okay and we were on our merry way.

I got a notice in mid-january (although it was dated 12/22/2009). They said I had 15 days to pay for the ticket. And I quote: “You have 15 days from the date shown in the COURT INFORMATION section below to remit the fine and cost. If you fail to comply, the licensing authority in your state will be notified and your driver license will be suspended.”

So, in my mind, I had 15 days from when I opened the letter (not noticing they took a month to mail the thing).

Well, I noticed the date on the notice earlier today. I got the money from my father to pay it on Tues. The office will be closed Monday for President’s Day.

I needed to go out. My husband cannot drive because his license is expired and the doctor has ordered him not to drive. So, it was late at night. I took my chance.

I lost. I was arrested on a city warrant AND for driving with a suspended license. Impounded our only vehicle as well.

Now, okay, I know…. I was wrong for driving for a suspended license (especially when there is a headlight out). But the copy of the warrant the office gave me was dated for….. 12/22/2009!

Yep. So where the (*&#$@ was my 15 days? That notice they DID send me… NO word of a warrant! You can bet your bippy I woulda been down there in a heartbeat if I had been!

Okay, so… the arresting office squeezed those handcuffs on me SO TIGHT I lost feeling in my hands. Plus, I was handcuffed behind my back. I have degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis… TALK ABOUT FREAKING PAINFUL! Not to mention the other pain in the butt issues of panicing.

I mean.. my husband is disabled. On oxygen 24/7. He’s taking care of my sleeping, two autistic sons… they do not do well when left alone too long. I *knew* I didn’t have the $500 it was gonna take to get me out of jail! (it was actually $582, after impound fees too). Well, hubby used our bill money… had my stepfather drive him up to get the van… my mom (the same one who has brain issues from brain radiation, night blindness AND had taken ambien 30 minutes before) drove OUR van home from the impound lot. Hubby had to leave the two boys home, alone, while they got our van and then my mom stayed with the boys while the step-father and hubby bailed me out of jail. Thankfully the boys were sleeping. BUT STILL. 11 year old and an 8 year old.. thank god, the impound lot is only 3 minutes from my house. BUT STILL!!

And I had to sit/lay down in this …. cell. A CONCRETE BED!!!! Do you KNOW how much it hurt to sit or lay down on one of those? And then the officer said he was going to come back in an hour and I swear it was TWO hours later… felt like forever. I was going nuts. Penned up like that. How do people who get YEARS do it? I was FREAKING OUT. I wanted to bang my head against the walls and I think I did at one point because my head has a tender spot.

I’m sure the officers were glad to have me out as much as I was glad to BE out.

We get home and hubby says to me something to the effect of “You know, that was so traumatic for me.”

I coulda strangled him.

He did then say “Not to belittle YOUR experience, of course but ya know…”

I still coulda strangled him.


4 Responses to “NOT the post I was going to write!!”

  1. February 14, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Oh, no. What an awful experience. It seems like a bit of an overreaction on their part. I hope it all works out okay. I’m sure it will.

    • February 14, 2010 at 10:38 pm

      Yes. It was quite scary for me considering I have some claustrophobia issues. Not to mention PTSD and some physical disabilities that made their handcuffing me behind my back UNBEARABLE.

      But.. being bailed out of jail was the best Valentine’s Day Gift hubby ever got me 🙂

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