The thing I call life

Okay, I tried to write saturday here as was my schedule. However, after I published to the home school blog, HughesNet decided I had used the internet (well, “I” as in my household members and I) and restricted use. This restriction lasts at least 24 hours (if not longer… if one overuses for say, 3 hours, then it’s 27 hours long!!)

Their philosophy is that no one should go over the “average” use of bandwith. That they even overestimated the “average” use and therefore, if you are over that, shame on YOU! Well, EXCUSE me that I use the internet more than my counterparts in this rural area. My nearest neighbor is over 4 acres away! How come I can use my neighbor’s bandwith if he ain’t using it? Huh?

So… if I”m under restriction, lots of things don’t work properly, this include my gmail inbox thingie. And twitter. And apparently, wordpress. Because the rate the PTB (powers that be) at HughesNet sets the restriciton is SLOWER THAN DIALUP! Can you imagine?

So… I didn’t get squat done over the weekend! I felt all out of sorts. It was hard getting my motivation back today. But here I am to face the world and this thing I call life!

I am really excited about my work at Special Needs Kids Examiner. I’m really PROUD of the work I do there, as well. For the most part, it is well-written and informative. I am giving quality information and my opinion on that information to a lot more people now. My subscription rate hasn’t gone up but my page per view has. Unfortunately, subscriptions also impact my pay rate. I’m less than a penny/page view now. So, if I can get 100 ppl a day, that’s a $1 a day earned, theoretically speaking. It’s been averaging just over 90 cents a day.  I can get people to read my stuffs, thank you Lord, but how to get them to subscribe? If they’re already following me on twitter, then they already get a link in my tweets. Theoretically speaking. So, what motivation do they have to subscribe? Really? I will just beg them… heh…

Home school was much fun this week! Please see that blog (homeschoolheather.wordpress.com) to see what happened this past week! The virtual school is still delayed but I’m hoping they’ll be in soon. I’ve been getting pressured to put them BACK into public school in the meantime. However, I just can’t do that. They’re still being educated here at home just fine, thank you 🙂

I’ve been involved in some discussions on WrongBrain/Right Brain about autism and of course, over at my site on autisable (heatherbabes.autisable.com) and it’s really got me thinking deep thoughts about it all. Also, too, some discussion on the disunity of the autism community on Twitter has provided food for thought 🙂

I’m trying to decide if i’m neurodiversity leaning or “cure” leaning. I think I”m stuck in the middle.


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