Talk to the machine cause the face ain’t listening…

That title probably isn’t going to have much to do with this post… but I liked it anyway. So there.

Well, this shyness thing I used to have. Not so much anymore when it comes to things online. Oh, in chat rooms I always was myself because I had the big bad monitor to hide behind. I didn’t have to look anyone in the eye… didn’t have to worry they were going to touch me or try to really hug me…. none of that creep-me-out stuff. Nope… it was fun. However, I no longer chat in chat rooms because it seems I have too much real stuff to get done.

Next thing to mention is that I am currently the NATIONAL Special Needs Kids Examiner for examiner.com

Whoa- I just found a button on here that is called “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink.” It literally has everything including the kitchen sink on this blog thing? COOL!

Okay, as I was saying… I’ve gone national and am writing some really cool stuff that I’m proud of. Not too many people read it so I make about a $1 a day on it. But it’s the stuff I write about that drives me to do it and the money really isn’t an issue in that sense.

I’m sure there is a way to embed links into this thing but I can’t figure out how. I feel so dumb sometimes when it comes to crap like this and all those bloggers out there that I’ve recently “discovered” make it all look so damn easy! Ok, it’s not THEIR fault they took the time to learn this crap… but still. It’s not as easy as it looks. I should just be happy I found the dang-ole spell checker!

I went to bed fairly early last night (a little after 10 p.m.) and “slept” until 6:15 a.m. when the alarm went off. I swear I didn’t sleep a wink though. It felt like I just layed down and my body cried when I got out of bed. It was so hard to get going that I ended up missing the boys’ school bus by mere moments and had to drive them on in. Well, no matter cause I had to go to town to get stuff anyway. I just hate when I don’t make things on my routine the way they are planned.

Another issue at hand is the fact that this is the last week of institutional public school for the boys. I’ve had it. I quit. I posted about it on my autisable blog (heatherbabes.autisable.com). It just was too much for me to keep begging for services. I shouldn’t have to. These things I was requesting were not even questioned in MA. It was just SOP.

But thanks to a good twiend (friend on twitter for those that don’t know) @autismfamily, I found a way to do homeschool for free with a virtual academy. Bonus? It comes with a teacher! I just get to be a “learning coach.” I like that idea that someone else is in charge of actually teaching them.

My father was worried of course about the social impairment aspect of my boys’ autism. But after conducting research for an article on it, I was able to quote study after study of where that’s not an issue. Mr. Brian Ray, a leading researcher in this area, even emailed me to offer me help in finding studies about these issues. That was so kind of him! And of course, I quote him in my upcoming article on Examiner.

I also write for Empowering Parents, an ezine as I think it’s called. I had reviewed their product for my examiner column, called Total Transformation Program by James Lehman, MSW. It’s an awesome program. So, now I blog for them about my experiences using the program. How cool is that?

Wanna hear something awesome-r? The other day I was out having breakfast at my favorite in-town diner (renamed Emma B’s Diner.. yuck.) and a guy came up to me and asked if I was the Heather that writes about autism and special needs! OMG! Freak out! I had egg on my shirt (literally), my hair wasn’t brushed (aide helps make sure I keep track of that stuff but it was too early for her to be here!), and food in my mouth! How awful! And he was… staring… at me. Ok, so he was just trying to make eye contact. But if he’s read “a lot” of my stuff, as he has said, he should’ve known that would have made me all squicky and stuff. But, alas, I managed to swallow the food that remained in my mouth (and not on my shirt) to say “Uh… yes, I think so.” Not at all what was going through my mind of course. What was going through my mind was this picture of me, all dolled up perfectly coiffed, and charming the pants off of him. He nodded and said “Cool.  I met a celebrity.”  I gave him an autograph.

WHOA! I am SO not a celebrity and if anyone tells me that again, I’m pullig the plug on this badboy writing career! I remembered when I started writing under my own name, assuring myself, that I wouldn’t be recognized… that no one would read the stuff I put out there into the great void since there are so many other fascinating things to read online.  HA!

Well, that’s all I’m going to write for today… well, until another thought hits me and then who knows. And well, it’s all I’m going to write for HERE. I still have other places to write today. Ya know.. maybe if someone else does recognize me that’ll be okay. Maybe I can just tell them to talk to the machine cause the face ain’t listening.


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