The Gift.

I want to become one.
I want to know the secrets.
I’m scared to die.
I want to live forever.
If you’re out there,
why don’t your ears listen to my desperate tears?
Do i have to lay here and die?
Do i have to suffer?
It won’t make me tougher.
I beg of you…
Come to me.
Hear out my pleas…
Take my gift,
as my spirits life,
at the chance…
you’ll take me.

I see a vision, a vision of loveliness.
He stands there at my feet.
I lay here,
Writhing in defeat.
He bends and seems to say…
“I’m here at last”
He pulls me to my feet, off the groud.
We’re floating in my room,
all around.
Images of my past go out to him.
I will not die.

We drop, then he sighs.
He gashes his wrists,
offers me, his wonderful gift,
I taste his blood on my lips.

It’s sweet.
This immortal syrum.
I hear the beating of our hearts as a single drum.

Afterwards, he tells me to sleep,
I’m his now. I’m his to keep.
I go to dream,
Never were my dreams like this.

Thank you, for your passionate kiss.
Thank you, for your this gift.


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